1. This week, when you go to church, take a moment to reflect that you are being summoned by a loving Father, hands full of gifts he wants to give.
  2. Are accountability groups a good idea? The Thinking Fellows discuss the potential use of accountability groups in the church.
  3. In this episode, the Thinking Fellows discuss the centrality and importance of Christians' doctrinal content and confessions.
  4. In this episode, the Thinking Fellows ask, what are sacred spaces, and do we need them?
  5. What responsibilities do individual Christians and their churches possess to fight against an antagonistic culture?
  6. The Church gathers around the Word and Sacrament in order to receive Christ and each other.
  7. The Church, having turned the Gospel into a moral performance, a judgemental system of do's and do-nots, must come to grips with the fact that the culture has moved on.
  8. One of the common things I see my congregants struggle with is the concept of forgiveness. Contrary to what I had assumed would be the case, I find congregants don’t struggle so much with giving forgiveness as they do living with forgiveness.
  9. I once heard an old, retired Lutheran professor give in interview on a podcast. He was asked by the interviewer why people should bother going to church if they could just be saved through a personal relationship with Jesus?