1. The following is an excerpt from Handing Over the Goods: Determined to Proclaim Nothing But Christ Jesus & Him Crucified - (A Festschrift in Honor of Dr. James A. Nestingen), edited by Steven Paulson and Scott Keith (1517 Publishing, 2018). Edited and used with permission.
  2. Scott and Caleb are joined by Drs. Jim Nestingen and Steve Paulson to discuss confession and absolution.
  3. Caleb Keith is once again joined by Drs. Jim Nestingen and John Pless for a special recording in Bergen Norway.
  4. This is a special midweek episode of the Thinking Fellows featuring Dr. Jim Nestingen. The fellows join Dr. Nestingen in a bar just outside the annual NALC convention to talk about what it means to be a mentor. Sit back, relax, grab a drink, and enjoy the show.