1. If your faith is rooted in the gospel of Zion, in the good news of Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection on your behalf, you are already a member of the “heavenly Jerusalem”
  2. How can we be sure that we are getting a “solid spiritual diet” and not a “milky” one?
  3. Help comes for those who cannot help themselves. When we bottom-out and come to the end of ourselves, that is where hope springs.
  4. My words are peanuts compared to the porterhouse of God’s Word.
  5. A group of unassuming apostles was given a graphic illustration of how the Lord would use them to turn the world right-side-up through the upside-down logic of grace.
  6. I write this as someone who’s genuinely concerned that American congregants are getting bamboozled by preachers who are giving them less than what they need Sunday after Sunday.
  7. The youths that mock Elisha are representative of Israel’s collective contempt and disregard for all things relating to their One True God.
  8. Ever since the tragedy of the Garden, God’s plan of redemption has been in motion. His movement upon this world has never ceased, and it never will.
  9. The communion service is a sermon in and of itself. The communion sermon is that which most expressly tells us of the sinless One who stands in the sinner’s stead.
  10. At times, evangelical Christianity can be a paradox. For as much as Protestants have spurned Roman Catholicism, they’re much more Catholic than they’d ever like to admit.
  11. Preaching is a dangerous and difficult task. Some occupations might involve more harrowing situations and circumstances but I will continue to contend that there’s not a more perilous or vulnerable position to be in than behind the pulpit.
  12. I believe it’s no small charge to assert that there’s a massive problem in the majority of America’s pulpits.