1. God cares about our real life where we actually are. He is present in the everyday.
  2. The only way to change the current state of worship songwriting and production is to create something different.
  3. Winter Tour with Blake Flattley
  4. Winter Tour with Blake Flattley
  5. Winter Tour with Blake Flattley
  6. Winter Tour with Blake Flattley
  7. In a time of unknown, the Flanigans found comfort in the words of the prayer book and made them truly their own.
  8. When it comes to the Book of Concord, there are really two types of people: those who read the contents and see a series of rap albums, and those who aren’t Flame.
  9. So, what do we pray? What do we say? In times of fear, in times of chaos, in unprecedented times, we pray and say the words that have been written on our hearts.
  10. All Worker's Virtual Conference
  11. Netflix just recently released a series called The Umbrella Academy, another comic book series adapted for screen.