1. Discipline and the author and perfecter of faith.
  2. Today on the show, we tell the story of Paavo Ruotsalainen and Finnish Christianity.
  3. Today on the show, we remember St. Paula, among the earliest “Desert Mothers.”
  4. "An apology is a promise to never do it again." In this episode we disucss this common phrase, and the differnece between a confession and an apology.
  5. Lexham Press associate publisher, Todd Hains, joins Kelsi in this episode to discuss his book, Martin Luther and the Rule of Faith
  6. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN, Mike, Jason and Wade discuss anthropology.
  7. Today on the show, we tell the story of the evangelical revival in Russia and Madame Chertkov.
  8. Isn’t That A Daisy? In this episode, we discuss Friedrich Schleiermacher’s Good Friday sermon, focusing on preaching the cross, where to locate sin, what effect the law has on our external works, and why a proclaimer is necessary to get the Gospel.
  9. Today on the show, we tell the story of Guillaume Briçonnet, a man caught between stability and reform.
  10. In this episode of Preaching the Text, we discuss the beatitudes – what Luther once described as the devil's favorite text of scripture to distort.