1. Tolkien's hero Tom Bombadil functions to showcase the Gospel
  2. On this episode of Outside Ourselves, Kelsi is joined by Jon and Justin of ⁠ @THEOCAST ⁠ to talk about all things having to do with gospel clarity.
  3. A multi-day workshop for pastors to hone the Craft of Preaching
  4. But what does a preacher do regarding the doctrine of providence when God embarrasses Himself and us by not being present in the way we want Him to be with us?
  5. For all his theological and literary works, Giertz was always a preacher at heart. He recognized the pulpit was the perpetual fount of the Church’s faith.
  6. In this episode of Preaching the Text, Steven Paulson and John Hoyum examine the story of Christ's transfiguration before three of his apostles on the mount of Transfiguration.
  7. Your Guilt Is Misplaced. In this episode, we discuss Robert Capon’s book, The Foolishness of Preaching. We focus on Capon’s argument for why death and resurrection must be preached for a sermon to be rightly called a Christian sermon, for it to be a Gospel proclamation, and the consequences for preachers who avoid addressing sin, death, and forgiveness of sins.
  8. Caleb Keith and Scott Keith join Steven Paulson and Ken Jones to remember their mentor Jim Nestingen.
  9. God gives us the power and authority to proclaim the forgiveness of sins to burdened sinners who entrust us with their pain, guilt, and defeat.
  10. In Memory of My Friend, James Arne Nestingen

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