1. A multi-day workshop for pastors to hone the Craft of Preaching
  2. A multi-day workshop for pastors to hone the Craft of Preaching
  3. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of these early Lutheran hymns – and their physical availability in hymnals – in the piety of common people living in Lutheran towns and territories.
  4. The Good Shepherd doesn’t leave the sheep to fend for themselves.
  5. A Christian story untethered from the reality of Christ and his mercy toward sinners becomes a mere fable, while a sermon disconnected from the hearts of its listeners remains a hollow oratory.
  6. he Thinking Fellows discuss the basic methodological principles of theology.
  7. Rituals, like the liturgy and the sacraments, resist domestication and confront us with a world and worldview brought forth from the Bible and through twenty centuries of Christianity for the purpose of arresting our contemporary worldview through its self-sameness.
  8. We can interpret "be the Church" as either law or gospel.
  9. Regardless of background or beliefs, every American I talk to seems on edge, as if the sky were about to fall. But the sky is not falling.
  10. There is no AA for legalists. At least not officially. But there ought to be, and it should be called your local church.
  11. In a world—and even a church—full of distractions, thank God for Rod Rosenbladt. He pointed us to Jesus and Jesus alone.
  12. What (if anything) makes a sermon distinctive?

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