1. It’s A Show, About Nothing! In this episode, we revisit and discuss C.S. Lewis’ introduction to Athanasius, On the Incarnation. We end up doing a recap of the past year, which means Christmas movies, the incarnation, and lots and lots of rabbit trails on this episode of The Banned Books Podcast.
  2. The Fellows discuss the purpose and place of literary apologetics.
  3. In honor of this anniversary celebration, here are five fun facts about The Lord of the Rings that I hope you will enjoy.
  4. In this case, "apology" means never having to say "I'm sorry." Dr. Scott Keith and Caleb Keith of 1517.org and The Thinking Fellows podcast join Craig and Troy as they discuss defending the authority of Scripture.
  5. Christ is Risen! So stop being a wuss. Get up and Go out! It will be ok. But first take a listen to the boys in black - Ringside Preachers
  6. Every day, in everything we do and experience, we are busy hearing, seeing, and telling stories.
  7. We tell the little story of the Gospel because our great stories ultimately reflect Christ.
  8. Much like Jacob wrestling with God in the desert, we find our intellectual hips continuously put out of joint as we engage the culture around us.
  9. Mordor’s bleak existence and the successful salvific mission of Frodo and Samwise is what makes Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings such a psychologically enjoyable epic.
  10. Before long I was deeply involved in the trilogy (the reader is invariably "drawn into" the story in a unique way, and for a good reason as we shall see).

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