1. This is the last episode in David and Adam’s series on the philosophical and scientific reasons for believing in God’s existence.
  2. David and Adam discuss how reason’s competence (with respect to the Christian tradition) has changed over the centuries.
  3. Satan Drives Out Satan? In this episode, we dig deep into Jesus’ question, Can Satan drive out Satan? With the help of Rene Gerard’s book, I Saw Satan Fall Like Lightening. This episode goes into some extremely deep waters regarding the mimetic tradition, the nature of sacrifice, scapegoating, Satan’s power, and Jesus’ crucifixion.
  4. Caleb, Adam, and Bruce revisit the relationship between faith and reason.
  5. Today on the show, we remember the eccentric mystic Simone Weil.
  6. Isn’t That A Daisy? In this episode, we discuss Friedrich Schleiermacher’s Good Friday sermon, focusing on preaching the cross, where to locate sin, what effect the law has on our external works, and why a proclaimer is necessary to get the Gospel.
  7. Today on the show, we remember a central figure in the British Enlightenment and the move towards toleration in the English church.
  8. We Are Live! In this episode, we recorded a live show at the Here We Still Stand 2022 conference, so of course, we read Nietzsche and discussed salvation.
  9. The Thinking Fellows talk about the importance and relevance of studying history.
  10. Dan Deen returns to do one more episode on why you should read and study philosophy.
  11. Caleb and Scott are joined by Dr. Dan Deen to discuss the relevance of studying philosophy.