1. . . . and with that, Craig and Troy put Matthew to bed, wrapping up with a dive into the Great Commission
  2. This week, we are grateful to publish a series of sermons from our beloved late Chaplain, Ron Hodel. This is the second installment of that series.
  3. Jesus launches into a diatribe against the pride of the religious leaders of His day, and Craig and Troy discuss applications for our day.
  4. Bunny trails abound! But Craig and Troy nevertheless manage to land firmly on Christ.
  5. "Let's trap Jesus with His words!" is never a good plan. Jesus answers their "unaswerable" questions.
  6. Jesus fells the Pharisees with the folly of their fallacies.
  7. The curse falls upon those whose faith is Christ-less. Craig and Troy wrestle with the illustration of the fig tree.
  8. "Meek and mild" Jesus goes righteous rage on those who would turn a buck on what God would freely give.
  9. It seems like the Pharisees have marriage issues, but the real issue is the question "why do those who say they love the Law want to create loopholes to get around it?"
  10. What does it mean to become a child in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven? Pride and earthly strength compete with Christlike humility.
  11. "Take up your cross and follow me" . . . what does this mean?
  12. In the constant search for new and novel experiences, are we forsaking the simple word of God? Beware of the leaven of novelty.

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