1. Here is your sign, the Son of God who took the Law and gave you the Gospel by His saving death and resurrection.
  2. He should not be there. He could not be there. But there Jesus was. It must be a ghost, so they cried out. “For they all saw Him and were terrified.”
  3. Paul’s prayers for his beloved Ephesians do not focus so much on their physical or social well-being, but on the most important thing: That they know and love Christ Jesus!
  4. This reading also shows us the heart and character of Jesus. He has compassion for the people. He sees their needs and provides for them.
  5. All humanity is bound to sin and dead in their trespasses, but Christ’s blood was shed for the lot of us!
  6. After pronouncing judgment on these wayward shepherds, God promises to shepherd His people Himself and then to raise up under-shepherds over them.
  7. John prepared the way for Jesus with his preaching and subsequent arrest and death. But then the plot flips and we find hope in the fact that Jesus prepares the way for John (and for us).
  8. In my experience, no theological topic causes more existential angst than the truth that God has predestined people for salvation. When such a weighty doctrine is broached, what is a preacher to do?
  9. The message of Amos comes home to us as we reflect on the prosperity in our land, our good life, our comparative comfort which are no guarantee that God looks favorably on our ways of living.

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