1. Preachers, just because there is a placeholder carved out right there in the liturgy which says SERMON, that does not give us license to blather.
  2. If Easter is about Jesus as the prototype of the new creation, then the Ascension is about His enthronement as the One who rules forevermore on Earth as it is in Heaven.
  3. Red, Red Wine… In this episode, we discuss Norman Nagel’s Lenten sermon on Jesus’ parable of the vineyard workers, focusing on the gift-giving God and what interferes with Jesus being a gift for us.
  4. A sermon featuring Pastor Darrin Sheek.
  5. Just as shoddy builders can get by at times with subpar work, so also shoddy preachers can occasionally offer up half-baked homiletic hash.
  6. Preachers can more deliberately make time to meditate deeply and quiet the clatter which keeps us from hearing the still, small voice of the Spirit.
  7. Regardless of why they happen, sermon flops do happen to all of us. So, what should you do next?
  8. For Christians, Advent is the time when the Church patiently prepares for the coming of the Great King, Jesus the Christ.
  9. The Church stands firm on the word of promise that Christ will one day return to change what we know by faith into sight.
  10. Whatever else may be said about the Last Day it consists of these two inseparable things: Christ’s coming and His kingdom people being gathered to Him.
  11. The name of God invites us on a journey to see how God will remain present with his people, listen to their cries for salvation, know their sufferings in such an intimate way so as to incarnate them in Christ.

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