1. Jesus is found in places of suffering, both with the one suffering and with the one giving mercy, in the most mysterious of ways.
  2. The Holy Spirit is no skeptic. He asserts Christ has been raised from the dead.
  3. A good shepherd takes the little lamb from the flock and holds it in their arms.
  4. Those who imagine God as hard and ungracious are judged severely. Those who trust in God’s mercy in Jesus are encouraged immensely.
  5. Faith trusts that the Lord is as His Word and His Word is as His person and nature.
  6. The Day of the Lord will be the “day of the Lord’s sacrifice.” That is how He will handle wrath and sin, by bloodshed and sacrifice.
  7. The surprising thing about our text is just how devoid it really is of gospel. Amos makes it quite clear that the “Day of the Lord” is a day of darkness and NO LIGHT!
  8. Get back to the truth about Christ’s resurrection and glorious return and you will not have to sink into the funk of depression or the errors of speculation.

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