1. The greatest example of consistency and the Spirit of loving generosity is, of course, Jesus Christ our Lord.
  2. Lamentations bids us to keep this in mind, that we always have hope when we hope in the Lord.
  3. It would be appropriate in your sermon to emphasize this woman’s suffering. But even more important will be to emphasize Jesus’ gracious response to her.
  4. Job is given something so much more comforting than an explanation: He is assured of God’s nearer presence.
  5. Paul’s endurance substantiated and authenticated his ministry as being “of God” in ways not unlike other Christian witnesses and martyrs.
  6. Sometimes a little disturbance can help God’s people to find renewed comfort in His promises and a revitalized vigor for a life of faithful obedience to the One who rules the wind and waves.
  7. In Christ, God forgives, and those He forgives He incorporates into His missiological reign. Which means He uses your congregation (and your church body) to increasingly become a place of welcome for all.
  8. With the resurrection of the Christ the mystery of life after death became a lot less mysterious. It moved from the realm of conjecture and fantasy to a reality grounded in (of all things!) our human bodies
  9. Ultimately, God’s plan is not just for nations and politics. His plan is one of salvation, seen ultimately fulfilled in Christ.

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