1. Today on the show, we remember the eccentric mystic Simone Weil.
  2. The lentil stew of being offended.
  3. Today on the show, we remember the Yorkminster Fire of 1828.
  4. How can you tell if you are lamenting or complaining all the time?
  5. Dr. Steven Paulson and Caleb Keith read Mark chapter seven.
  6. Your Guilt Is Misplaced. In this episode, we discuss Robert Capon’s book, The Foolishness of Preaching. We focus on Capon’s argument for why death and resurrection must be preached for a sermon to be rightly called a Christian sermon, for it to be a Gospel proclamation, and the consequences for preachers who avoid addressing sin, death, and forgiveness of sins.
  7. Today on the show, we remember Johannes Trithemius and the intersection of theology, astrology, and the occult.
  8. Today on the show, we remember the curious story of America’s first Congressional Chaplain.
  9. The long provocation of God.
  10. Today on the show, we head to the mailbag to answer a question about the nation of Israel.
  11. In today's episode of Preaching the Text we talk again about the distinction between law and gospel.