1. Welcome to the Church, Can I Take Your Order? In this episode, we discuss Clement of Rome on the Church, especially good order, fruits of faith, and why the congregation at Corinth shouldn’t run off its pastors.
  2. Today on the show, we look at the Feast of the Innocents or Childermas.
  3. Join Kelsi as she chats with 1517 Scholar in Residence, Dan van Voorhis, about the magic of Christmas.
  4. In whatever direction the bias of men might be, from thence he might recall them, and teach them of his own true Father, as he himself says: I came to save and to find that which was lost.
  5. When and how did the church start this season of anticipation?
  6. Today on the show, we commemorate St. Andrew on his feast day.
  7. Caleb, Scott, and Adam are joined by John Hoyum to talk about how churches across the world read and preach the Bible.
  8. Today on the show, we look at Jansenism and the life of Pierre Nicole.
  9. Today on the show, we tell the story of the father of Transylvanian Unitarianism.

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