1. In many cases, the expectations are not realistic. Sometimes we expect things to be much better than they could possibly be. On the other hand, sometimes our expectations are far too low.
  2. When it is all said and done, a disciple’s testimony about Jesus is what matters most.
  3. Author and poet, Tanner Olson, joins Kelsi to talk about creativity and communicating hope.
  4. A multi-day workshop for pastors to hone the Craft of Preaching
  5. The resurrected Christ, who has all authority in Heaven and on Earth, also has His mind and His eye on the people who have gathered in your congregation this Sunday.
  6. Jesus fills us with the Spirit and sends us as sources of living water into the thirsting world.
  7. God is the end of living, the destination, the point of it all.
  8. The Lord’s prayer is a prayer in perfect accord with the will of God, and Jesus gifts it to us to plagiarize at will.

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