1. You are the friend in low places. It’s only from this place that you are free to look outside yourself for the remedy to the issues that plague you and humanity.
  2. Righteousness before God is possessed only by grace and that through the currency of faith.
  3. It’s the notion of mercy that leads us to the atonement, and it is the atonement that provides a foundational basis for the justification of sinners.
  4. This is an excerpt from “All Charges Dropped! Devotional Narratives from Earthly Courtrooms to the Throne of Grace,” written by Haroldo Camacho (1517 Publishing, 2022).
  5. In Jesus, the most totalizing summary of the law becomes the gospel of the one made perfect through obedience.
  6. I trust that because of the gospel, God will continue to mend what I, in my sin, continue to break.
  7. Both Paul and Martin Luther were Olympic champions when it came to ladder climbing.
  8. In the Church, the cry is, “He loves,” and it is that message which transforms our worldviews from taking to giving, from radical individualism to trans-demographic inclusivism, from selfishness to selflessness, from “tolerate my rights” to “loving rightly together.”
  9. You are not in debt to sin. You don’t owe it anything. There’s no reason for you to serve it.
  10. We don’t have to worry about deserving, earning, or reciprocating his gifts. Our Lord doesn’t give us what we deserve. We are given what he deserves, what Jesus has won for us.

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