1. Love Will Keep Us Together. In this episode, we discuss the Song of Habakkuk, Martin Luther’s commentary on the song, Jesus as the foundation of reality, why mirrors are dangerous, trans-humanism, pop culture, church architecture, consumerism, why liturgy is an expression of the truth, how the Holy Spirit covers all things in meaning, and how the sacrament anchors earth to heaven.
  2. Dr. Paulson concludes the lessons on the Lord's Prayer.
  3. Co-host, Katie Koplin has curated a gospel central devotional for moms, and it's coming out this next Tuesday.
  4. The Thinking Fellows discuss the importance of the Christian community.
  5. We have back on our dear friend, Sarah Crowder, as she talks about her contribution to the upcoming devotional "Encouragent to Motherhood."
  6. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY-FIVE, Jason, Mike and Wade discuss the monastic impulse and how vocations sends into neighbor relationships rather than pulling us out of them.
  7. Well, yes they are. Craig and Troy discuss what the necessity of good works means, what it means for us, what it means for our lives in Christ.
  8. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY-FOUR, Jason, Mike and Wade discuss technology and whether it makes us more human or less.
  9. Let’s Get Weird. This episode discusses Cyril of Jerusalem’s mystagogical catechesis, especially the Lord’s Supper. We converse about the biblical patterns of the sacraments, anointing, and the higher truth about Jesus as bread from heaven.
  10. The Outlaw God discusses the greeting of the Lord's Prayer, where we are given the name of God.
  11. No, not that one . . . this is the other "s" word that no one wants to hear: submit.
  12. In part 1 of this 2 part Psalm, we see David planning to build a temple for God.