1. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN, Mike, Jason and Wade continue to discuss anthropology.
  2. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN, Mike, Jason and Wade discuss anthropology.
  3. The power of the Word of God is the power of God himself, for he is always faithful to his Word.
  4. The Trinity is a handy shorthand for all that God has done to justify sinners.
  5. Jesus is both the image bearer and the image giver. In Jesus’ incarnation we are redeemed and re-imaged.
  6. In Genesis 1-2, the Lord reveals—or, at a bare minimum, starts dropping some big hints—that he will be quite comfortable becoming a human being himself someday.
  7. Thanksgiving utters a confession of dependence, an acknowledgement of the gift of something not earned or deserved.
  8. Christ has taken our failures and defeats and exchanges that yoke for his own.
  9. Bulls, lions, dogs. Why all these metaphors from the animal kingdom to describe humanity as it encircles the crucified Savior? Because the man on the cross, God incarnate, is there for all creation, not just humanity.
  10. Caleb and Scott take listener questions about creation and apologetics.
  11. Tomorrow Jesus will laugh his way out of the tomb, spit in the face of death, and kick the devil in the throat as he dances to the clapping glee of angelic masses. But today he just rests.
  12. God preserves language so he might continue to communicate his love and grace to us, and that we might communicate his love and grace to others.

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