1. Break on Through (To The Other Side). In this episode, we discuss creation, the eating of forbidden fruit, cosmology, the meaning of things, Jesus clearing the way for us to enter back into paradise, and how the Bible ends up changing culture by translating God’s Word into the vernacular while reading The Hexameron of Basil the Great as preached by Aelfric.
  2. Love Will Keep Us Together. In this episode, we discuss the Song of Habakkuk, Martin Luther’s commentary on the song, Jesus as the foundation of reality, why mirrors are dangerous, trans-humanism, pop culture, church architecture, consumerism, why liturgy is an expression of the truth, how the Holy Spirit covers all things in meaning, and how the sacrament anchors earth to heaven.
  3. Keep The Beat. In this episode, we converse about good and bad sermons as defined by J.R.R. Tolkien. We discuss cosmology, truth, love, and why how we use words matters.
  4. Just as God brought life from the chaotic formless waters at creation, so He brought life from the waters of the Jordan for you in Christ.
  5. in this 5th week of Psalm 119, Chad looks at the word God uses when speaking of his creation. Chris Lizotte sings "It's all good, for You are good".
  6. All of humanity commonly bears the imago Dei, or "image of God." And yet, there's a way in which we have lost that image, and it must be restored to us.
  7. Dr. Lydia Jaeger discusses her book, Ordinary Splendor, with Kelsi and the implications of the doctrine of creation for the Christian's life.
  8. The only place to begin a discussion of human/creaturely identity is with our relationship to the God whose breath filled dust, brought us to life, sustains us and gives us a hopeful future.
  9. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY-EIGHT, Mike, Wade, and Dan Berg, who may or many not be related to Michael, discuss beauty and five things it does.
  10. Everything in Scripture is God revealing himself to his people, you and me.

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