1. Mike, Jason, and Wade, and Pr. Nathan Wordell, discuss the third chapter of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Ethics, Heritage and Decay.
  2. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHT, Mike, Jason, and Wade, and Pr. Dan Lindner and Pr. Nathan Wordell, discuss the second chapter of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Ethics, Ethics as Formation, as well as campus ministry.
  3. False holiness is always a possession and achievement of the individual in isolation from the good of others. And so it isn’t holiness at all.
  4. Beneath the calm, within the light, A hid unruly appetite Of swifter life, a surer hope, Strains every sense to larger scope, Impatient to anticipate The halting steps of aged Fate. Now listen to Ringside.
  5. Mike and Wade discuss the two kingdoms (or spheres, realms, etc.) and the Christian life as part of both church and state in light of the fourth chapter of Althaus' The Ethics of Martin Luther for Wade's PHI 201 course.
  6. Mike and Wade discuss stations and vocations in light of the third chapter of The Ethics of Martin Luther by Paul Althaus, an assigned text for Wade's PHI 201 course.
  7. It’s not the disciples’ faith that invented the resurrection but the resurrection that gave birth to the disciples’ faith.
  8. In this part two, Pastors Riley and Gillespie continue our reading of this contemporary article on the relationship of the Church and State from John MacArthur. 
  9. Do The Doors Stay Open? John MacArthur addresses the biblical rationale for defying state mandates, and whether the state can prohibit, or put restrictions on, worship.

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