1. The Advents of Christ (past, present, and future) elicit faith in the word of Christ, confirmed by his presence.
  2. In a time of unknown, the Flanigans found comfort in the words of the prayer book and made them truly their own.
  3. Green is the color for “ordinary time” in the liturgical church year. It's the regular time of year that always gets overshadowed by other seasons such as Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter.
  4. Mike finds his way over to Wade's backyard, to discuss the beauty of the Church with Wade and two of Wade's daughters. Before getting to the main topic, the Johnston girls discuss their summer and what they're excited for with the upcoming school year (and Mike says something too).
  5. Scott, Caleb, and Adam are joined by David Andersen and Ed Killian to talk about David’s book, In Defense of Christian Ritual.
  6. In Defense of Christian Ritual is now available for purchase from 1517 Publishing
  7. Experience the reality of God while the world is ending. Ringside Preachers, Craft of Preaching, and Dr. Arthur Just from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne explore how the real tangible gifts of God break through the shadows of this crumbling world.
  8. So, what do we pray? What do we say? In times of fear, in times of chaos, in unprecedented times, we pray and say the words that have been written on our hearts.
  9. Rituals resist domestication and confront us with a world and worldview brought forth from the Bible and through twenty centuries of Christianity for the purpose of arresting our contemporary worldview through its self-sameness.
  10. In this episode, Katie and Gretchen get sidetracked and talk about food and the routines of farm life. That's mainly because eating is something we love to do every day. They address questions like: when are liturgies helpful, and when are they harmful?
  11. When man gives freedom it sometimes ends up being more confining. When man fights for equality it ends up being more oppressive. Repent and believe the Good News!

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