1. The driving impulse of Lent isn’t so much “giving up” things as it is “putting on” something.
  2. At the Transfiguration, we say farewell to alleluia and hello to the horrific reality of our lost condition.
  3. The Chairman’s Intent. In this episode of Banned Books, we converse about the Gospel, ritual, and how and why God embodies his grace while reading John Kleinig’s article, Rituals and the Enactment of the Gospel.
  4. Ever Heard of Candlemas?
  5. Liturgy offers an enriching form of worship. Here are 10 advantages it provides.
  6. Spurred on by last week's conversation, Craig and Troy discuss how tradition is part of an entire philosophy of Christian worship and Christian living.
  7. TradiSHUUUUNNN! TRADITION! Spurred on by last week's thoughts on All Saints' Day, Craig and Troy think about the traditions of the liturgical calendar and the lectionary reading cycle.
  8. Seriously, what even IS All Saints' Day?
  9. Adiaphora is a theological term that means "indifference." It typically refers to practices that are neither commanded nor forbidden by God in Scripture.
  10. In order to respect both liturgical consistency and the role of the homilist in the drama of the Divine Service: Let the pulpit be for proclamation, not personal prayer.
  11. In this episode, the Thinking Fellows ask, what are sacred spaces, and do we need them?
  12. God cares about our real life where we actually are. He is present in the everyday.

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