1. David and Adam reflect on some recent comments from the leading atheist Richard Dawkins and raise the question: has atheism run its course?
  2. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY-SEVEN, Jason, Mike and Wade discuss faith, hope, and love.
  3. David and Adam reflect on the significance of Jesus' resurrection for Christian faith and life.
  4. In this episode, David and Adam conclude their brief overview of the heresies that preceded and led to the ecumenical councils of Nicæa (325) and Constantinople (381).
  5. In this episode, David and Adam talk about the Jewish-Christian Ebionites (and their adoptionist Christology) and begin to introduce Arianism.
  6. David and Adam talk with Dr. Francis Beckwith about faith and reason, natural law, and theology in view of one of the most influential Christian thinkers of the catholic tradition, Thomas Aquinas.
  7. This week we are interviewing our friend, Pastor Brad Gray about his book He's one of the special Baptists who publish articles and books with 1517.
  8. In this episode, David and Adam talk about the second-century heresy of Marcionism.
  9. David and Adam begin a new miniseries covering the major Christian heresies that preceded the Council of Nicaea (AD 325).
  10. In this episode we see the Levites stationed at the temple of the Lord, under the stars, singing praise to the Lord.
  11. Luke's Acts of the Apostles tells the story of the earliest Christians.
  12. David and Adam discuss what is often called methodological naturalism and whether or not it is presumes a naturalistic ontology or worldview.