1. Sober Up, He’s Coming! In this episode of the Banned Books podcast, we read Aelfric’s Advent homily while discussing decorating churches for Christmas, the importance of symbolism for the Christian faith, what a tide is, and why the books Genesis and Revelation reference everything regarding faith and life.
  2. Today on the Christian History Almanac, we tell the story of the enigmatic filmmaker Terrence Malick and his “profoundly Christian vision.”
  3. Today on the Christian History Almanac, we remember the only French king to be named a saint: St Louis IX.
  4. Where have all the Christians gone? New research reveals that this question is becoming more common as Americans abandon Christianity.
  5. n today's episode of Tough Texts, Scott Keith and Daniel Emery Price focus on Matthew 7:12-14, a passage that carries profound significance in shaping our Christian life and understanding of salvation.
  6. David and Adam have spent the last two and half months exploring both the philosophical and scientific evidence for God's existence and the historical evidence for the resurrection and deity of Jesus.
  7. Who does the second death have power over?
  8. Today on the Christian History Almanac, we remember the founding of the Royal Society and the role of Christianity in modern science.
  9. Dr. Paulson covers the 5th commandment, "You shall not murder."
  10. On this episode of Preaching the Text, John Hoyum and Steve Paulson discuss one of the end times sayings of Christ from the Gospel of Mark.
  11. Bad things happen to good people.