1. God resolves his wrath through the unexpected giving of his Son.
  2. There is an association, almost a one-to-one correspondence, between the gift and the nature of the giving.
  3. Toy Story is indeed a Christmas story.
  4. That great truth of creedal Christianity – that God is man in Christ – is not set forth for our speculative enjoyment.
  5. Today on the show, we look at the Feast of the Innocents or Childermas.
  6. The good news of the Gospel is Jesus has come, and Jesus will come again.
  7. It makes perfect sense that the day honoring Jesus' birth would be observed in a decidedly less than refined manner.
  8. In this episode of Preaching the Text, Steve Paulson and John Hoyum discuss Matthew's account of the slaughter of infant boys by Herod at Bethlehem, along with the flight of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus to Egypt.
  9. When we pray to Jesus, we pray to the King's right hand. We know one who has the Father's ear, respect and trust. And the one who intercedes for us is still one of us, with nail-pierced hands.
  10. Pastor Sheek Teaches On Luke Chapter 2:1-21

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