1. God’s Spirit, the Paraclete, works through the promises spoken by God’s people. Through those promises, He leads people to look for the Lord’s salvation.
  2. We profess belief in the virgin birth of Jesus as not only part of the Christmas story, but a true part of the total story of redemption.
  3. It was because He wore all our ugliness and mockery on the cross that we have this great exchange.
  4. Today on the Christian History Almanac, we head to the mailbag one more time for a question about post-Christmas festivities.
  5. The Thinking Fellows discuss the idea that Christmas has pagan roots.
  6. We hope and pray that you are celebrating a blessed Christmas, and wanted to bless you with a bit of family tradition: the reading of the Christmas story from Luke chapter two. Merry Christmas!
  7. Today on the Christian History Almanac, celebrate Christmas Day with the story of a popular Christmas hymn.
  8. How would you respond in trust to the God who is with us? This is a perfect line of thinking on Christmas Eve as we behold the coming of Christ the King as the babe of Bethlehem who is our Emmanuel.
  9. As we celebrate Advent and Christmas, we flex the muscles of a new season, a new year, a new life which His resurrection and our baptisms have bestowed upon us.

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