1. When it comes to the theology of the body, it's interesting to consider the fight against aging.
  2. Caleb, Scott, and Adam discuss the idea of challenging and complex tasks.
  3. Craig and Troy launch into a new mini-series on their favorite Scriptures . . . the ones that are the central themes of the faith
  4. Just like there is pressure to have Instagram-worthy devotions everyday, there can be a pressure to have family devotions--with your husband leading.
  5. If we are saved by faith, not by works...then do our works matter?
  6. As Gretchen and Katie are traveling to the Here We Still Stand regional conference today, they prepared a special podcast for today, talking about upcoming things, both professionally and personally.
  7. The Fellows revisit the doctrine of vocation.
  8. The curse falls upon those whose faith is Christ-less. Craig and Troy wrestle with the illustration of the fig tree.
  9. In this episode, Gretchen and Katie talk about all the projects they have in the works. From speaking engagements, a book on patience, a book on motherhood, and perhaps a children's book?
  10. Dr. Paulson has one more Christmas story from Luther to share.
  11. Dr. Paulson talks about how monastic life and satisfaction for sin outside of Christ harm not only the gospel but our understanding of the law.
  12. In this episode, Blake sits down with songwriter, Ryan Flanigan. They discuss his development as a songwriter and worship leader, what he's learned from the communities that he has served, and the release of the latest Liturgical Folk album, Matins & Vespers.