1. Amy Mantravadi asks if we should forgive others even if they are not repentant
  2. A brief summary of Augustin'e view of friendship is followed by some quotes by Augustine
  3. No plot spoilers here just some really Good News
  4. A pastor shares his own experience of loneliness and hope
  5. Confession and absolution offer more than assurance, they gift real and genuine Divine promises.
  6. Human solutions to problems, important as they are, are inadequate to meet our deepest needs
  7. Christ reshapes what forgivness means and why it's important
  8. As much as we want the glory, riches, and knowledge of Dantes, what we need is Jean Valjean's candlesticks.
  9. Of all the Inklings, Williams was certainly the most enigmatic. His mind and body were always moving.
  10. Even at Lewis’ graveside, Havard was a faithful friend, and a friend full of faith in Christ, confessing his hope in the resurrection.
  11. Attempting to escape the errors of medieval Catholic thinking, Agricola ended up making the same mistake of conflating law and gospel.
  12. Dyson demonstrated a pious persistence with Lewis, something we can emulate in our own friendships and conversations.