1. Moltmann is gone now, but his theology will continue to provoke and provide.
  2. This week on Tough Texts, Scott and Dan explore Romans 5, a chapter that addresses the concept of original sin and its implications for humanity.
  3. Eucatastrophe is the coming untrue of all sin, evil, and death. And where that starts is the empty tomb of the risen Jesus.
  4. When Jesus appeared again to his disciples on that first Easter evening and again a week later with Thomas and the Emmaus disciples, what did Jesus show them? His hands.
  5. Jesus continues to do the same for me and for you as he did for his disciples. He still shows up for us. He still speaks his peace to us.
  6. This article is written by guest contributor, Aaron Boerst.
  7. The seemingly small, the particular, the previously overlooked, magnifies in importance.
  8. The death and resurrection did indeed really happen. They are accomplished historical facts, and by them, so too is the forgiveness of our sins and justification before God.
  9. On this Good Friday, we come face to face with the reality of our sin and Christ's cross.
  10. He represents our likeness, fulfills it, and so has the prerogative to reproduce his likeness in us.
  11. On this episode of Preaching the Text, John Hoyum and Steve Paulson discuss the main reading from John's gospel concerning the death of Christ.
  12. This article is written by guest contributor, Aaron Boerst

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