1. A theologian is a passive receiver of God’s active revelation about Jesus Christ, his words, works, and ways.
  2. Our value and our values, our life, our everything is from Jesus Christ given to us as a gift.
  3. That on Pentecost God’s Spirit should function through a dozen seeming inebriates should be no surprise when this same God saves through the ignominy of the cross.
  4. The essence of sin is man substituting himself for God, while the essence of salvation is God substituting himself for man.
  5. The Second Edition of “The Christian Life: Cross or Glory?” by Steven Hein is now available from 1517 Publishing.
  6. Although God is always closer to us than the nose on our face, he has not taken the wraps off and given any sinful and mortal human being a full-measure, face-to-face meeting.
  7. Paul wants us to see this “present evil age” is dominated by a theology of glory and “the age to come” is dominated by a theology of the cross. They are two ways of understanding and interpreting all of reality, but especially the ways and nature of God.
  8. We continue to move into Isaiah and define the terms of holiness and glory.
  9. The Christian life is not all glory, power, and happiness, we will share in the cross of Christ. What does that mean? You can listen to today's program and find out. Guest: Dr. Steve Hein recorded at 1517.org Here We Still Stand Conference in San Diego, CA. Get Dr. Hein's book and be sure to look for his other books! https://shop.1517.org/products/the-christian-life-cross-or-glory?variant=12227844833365

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