1. What is faith to believe? The simple words of promise that Jesus Himself gives to us in Scripture: “This is My body. This is My blood.”
  2. This day and its meaning provided the opportunity for an anonymous author to write a poem for Sheer Thursday about Judas' betrayal of Jesus.
  3. Zwingli the Pastor provides an excellent introduction to the Swiss reformer’s life and work, focusing on Zwingli’s philosophy of church reform, biographical details, and mode of exegesis.
  4. Every Christian should understand what it means to have a Great High Priest
  5. How Leviticus 17 is a key passage for understanding atonement
  6. God comes to us through the flesh and blood and spirit of Christ precisely where he promised to be manifest to us and for us.
  7. This is an excerpt from “Finding God in the Darkness: Hopeful Reflections from the Pits of Depression, Despair, and Disappointment” by Bradley Gray (1517 Publishing, 2023).
  8. What might Christians of the Reformation tradition think of claims like these about the nature of salvation?
  9. Although Jesus bodily ascended and is hidden from our earthly eyes, he is not far off.
  10. By mandating the promise, Christ states something stronger than just an invitation.
  11. Maundy Thursday is your big night. For the Passover Lamb is given for you, given to you.
  12. You are not alone if you find it difficult to wrap your mind around the auspices of the Old Testament sacrificial system.