1. Instead of a death sentence, those brothers hear the words of deliverance.
  2. The profound significance of Christ’s resurrection comes from the threefold justification it provides: it justifies the sinner, the sinner’s hope, and God himself.
  3. It's easy to have courage when things go well.
  4. The Good Shepherd doesn’t leave the sheep to fend for themselves.
  5. A Christian story untethered from the reality of Christ and his mercy toward sinners becomes a mere fable, while a sermon disconnected from the hearts of its listeners remains a hollow oratory.
  6. Eucatastrophe is the coming untrue of all sin, evil, and death. And where that starts is the empty tomb of the risen Jesus.
  7. This article is written by guest contributor, Christopher J. Richmann.
  8. The price was really paid. Your sin remains buried in Christ’s tomb.
  9. When Jesus appeared again to his disciples on that first Easter evening and again a week later with Thomas and the Emmaus disciples, what did Jesus show them? His hands.
  10. This article is written by guest contributor, Aaron Boerst.
  11. Defy the world with its “oughts” and “shoulds,” for in Christ, it is finished.
  12. The seemingly small, the particular, the previously overlooked, magnifies in importance.