1. Prayer is not just about asking for things. It's about receiving what has already been given to us in Christ.
  2. God cares about our real life where we actually are. He is present in the everyday.
  3. What I desperately needed was not to preach to myself, but to listen to a preacher—not to take myself in hand, but to be taken in the hands of the Almighty.
  4. Praying the Word of God back to God carries didactic import. It teaches us.
  5. Just like for Mordecai and Esther, our lives are also sustained by the hand of God in the ordinary, in events begging to be seen as the work of Christ in our lives.
  6. When we forget that we live by promise, that's when the danger tends to creep in. Because failing to embrace promise means we usually fall back into notions of luck, or even worse--into works.
  7. We number our days not according to our timeframe but according to God’s work and his rhythms.
  8. The Holy Spirit isn’t so much the one you look at, as he is the one who turns you from looking at yourself and your sin to your Savior, Jesus.
  9. God is the end of living, the destination, the point of it all.
  10. Jesus is the only answer to the nagging question. He is the only way to make sense of this unsettling story in Exodus 4.
  11. Tim wanted everyone to know to the deepest part of their being that they were justified by Christ alone.
  12. The Lord’s prayer is a prayer in perfect accord with the will of God, and Jesus gifts it to us to plagiarize at will.