1. We are not pursuing dragons; we are the dragons. We are, all of us, Eustace Scrubb.
  2. Rod Rosenbladt, the encourager of all things good, true, and beautiful and a tireless warrior for Jesus and the Gospel message, finally rests at the marriage feast of the lamb.
  3. One way or another, Rod always found a way to bring whatever story he was telling back to the gospel and God's grace in Christ.
  4. In a world—and even a church—full of distractions, thank God for Rod Rosenbladt. He pointed us to Jesus and Jesus alone.
  5. In the Word, you find peace. It proclaims peace first between you and God because of Jesus. That empowers you to deal peacefully with others and brings you peace of mind.
  6. Ever Heard of Candlemas?
  7. Anderson encourages us to meditate upon the ways that Christ truly is the end of our exploring.
  8. Epiphany—is for the Gentiles, those who were once not God’s people, but who now, by the grace of God in Christ have become the people of God
  9. Kyle G. Jones gives a broad primer on what apologetics is, what it hopes to accomplish, and its limitations.
  10. Tolkien's hero Tom Bombadil functions to showcase the Gospel