1. Amy Mantravadi asks if we should forgive others even if they are not repentant
  2. In this piece Bob Hiller follows C.S. Lewis’ lead from Screwtape Letters and offers a sequel of his own.
  3. No plot spoilers here just some really Good News
  4. Curious about what Lutherans mean by “Two Kingdom”? In this short piece John Hoyum sums up the doctrine and some of its potential consequences.
  5. Confession and absolution offer more than assurance, they gift real and genuine Divine promises.
  6. Delwyn Campbell wrestles with a situation that demands love and justice
  7. Steven Paulson shares the meaning (and grace) found in All Saints Day
  8. Matthew 22 sees Jesus address Jewish legal debates. In the process, he makes disticntions between the Law and Gospel.
  9. Human solutions to problems, important as they are, are inadequate to meet our deepest needs
  10. Christ reshapes what forgivness means and why it's important
  11. As much as we want the glory, riches, and knowledge of Dantes, what we need is Jean Valjean's candlesticks.