1. We can do nothing to warrant entry into the kingdom of God nor are we getting in if we think a seat at God’s table is something to which we are entitled.
  2. Instead of a death sentence, those brothers hear the words of deliverance.
  3. I have to believe that grace - God’s grace - will be waiting on the other side.
  4. The gospel is for sinners – both the tax collector and Pharisee, both in need of the Great Physician.
  5. Some part of us always wants our ability under the law to be just as important (or more) than grace.
  6. This article is written by guest contributor, Christopher J. Richmann.
  7. The price was really paid. Your sin remains buried in Christ’s tomb.
  8. Applying the pressure of law to ensure you do not to take grace for granted squeezes the life and power out of the gospel.
  9. Jonah’s biggest blunder was a failure to understand that God’s grace is always undeserved and always falls on those who are unworthy of it.
  10. Are you on the receiving end of freedom? Or are you trying to make yourself free?
  11. The church is called to preach the good news of Jesus Christ. Where is that message found? In every blade of grass, on every page of Scripture.