The Christian must always remember that personal piety and liturgical uniformity are by no means the marks of true religion.
The Lion of Judah, Christ the King, Jesus of Nazareth, will not be away from us for one night.
We don't associate the word "regret" with anything "good," but God does.

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Moses is no Jesus but he, like us, is saved by Him. The law cannot enter the promised land, and yet the true and greater promised land is occupied by nothing but lawbreakers.
Who we are buried with matters. But there is no need to go out and find a dead prophet so you can join him six feet under.
This is the patient love of God. He is stubborn about the salvation of sinners. He will not be rushed even if his name is mocked, and the trustworthiness of his promises are called into question.
Here is someone to love; they’re not a Christian. They’re not very clean and don’t seem to care. Love them. Let your life become intertwined with theirs. Let it cost you something.
Absolution is the word God speaks to cause his sin-dead creation to live.
Jesus is proclaiming the good news that he has come to put an end to laboring to be loved by God.
Repentance means to turn or change your mind. It is not a turn from sin to righteousness. It is a turn from sin to the righteous Son of God who has defeated all sin.
David is unable to find an example to accurately compare the purity that flows from God washing a sinner. The winter snow is the best example David can come up with, but it still falls short.
Lack of effort isn’t the sworn enemy of fruit-bearing. Self-sufficiency is.
As we judge and demand payment from one another, we fashion a world not only skeptical of forgiveness, grace, and mercy... but downright opposed to it.
The primary point of Joseph’s life (and every story in Scripture) is to point us to Christ. To tell us something about what God is like and how He interacts with His Creation.
Faith is a gift from God. It’s not flashy or boast-worthy. It’s total dependency on the God who saves utter fools.