1. Scott, Caleb, and Adam are joined by David Andersen and Ed Killian to talk about David’s book, In Defense of Christian Ritual.
  2. Caleb, Scott, and Rod go through the Christian Questions and Answers section of the Small Catechism.
  3. As we continue through the Small Catechism, Luther provides questions and answers about the Lord’s Supper.
  4. The Thinking Fellows talk about Luther’s breakdown and examples of confession in the Small Catechism.
  5. Scott and Caleb move into the Catechism's explanations of the Means of Grace. Starting with Baptism, Luther follows Scripture to explain how God's Word and promises are delivered to us through ordinary means like water.
  6. Dr. Paulson talks about how the distinction between Israel and Babylon is the Word of God delivered by a preacher.
  7. Dr. Paulson talks about the phrase “faith seeking understanding.” The show then focuses on the switch from the analogies of what God is, to where He is found.
  8. On this episode, Steve Paulson talks about the difference between defining words and proclaiming them.
  9. Steven Paulson introduces the necessary theological topics for investigating Lutheran theology and its evangelical aim.
  10. Scott and Caleb are joined by Bob Hiller to discuss the 1517 project, The Craft of Preaching. The conversation leads toward the importance of preaching and why the preacher should take his vocation seriously. Sit back, relax, grab a drink, and enjoy the show.
  11. It would do us well to expand what we mean when we say catechesis and consequently broaden the reach of theological education into daily life.
  12. Scott and Caleb take a look at listener questions from the month of January. Sit back, relax, grab a drink, and enjoy the show.

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