1. When Christ comes, it won't be about what you've done, but about who He is.
  2. When will the end come? No one knows! So how can we be prepared?
  3. Is this the end? Or is it only 70 A.D.? Craig and Troy discuss the propehetic words of Jesus.
  4. When will the End Times come? Craig and Troy discuss Jesus' teaching that show the End Times are now . . . and have been now for the last 2000 years.
  5. Why is it that wherever Jesus is, there is the party? Because to dine with Jesus is to be at one with Him, and He with us.
  6. The Beatitudes aren't veiled Law, but pure gracious Gospel. Jesus tells us we are blessed when we are found in Him.
  7. Give me oil for my lamp, keep it burning . . . The parable of the ten virgins shows us what it is to be prepared in Christ and unprepared in ourselves. #iwishwe’dallbeenready
  8. Luke 16, the “Parable” of the Rich Man and Lazarus Moses and the Prophets speak of Christ. If you don’t believe those words, why would you believe the actual resurrection?