1. What we are asked to believe as we ponder the birth of this child is that in his coming, a new creation has dawned.
  2. The grace of God does not save us at the beginning only in order to keep ourselves in his good graces by our good enough readiness.
  3. It’s almost all eschatology is this episode. Is Jesus talking about things that have happened or things that will happen?
  4. Daniel and Erick wrap up 2nd Peter. Jesus seems to be taking His time coming again. Why does God’s “soon” take so long?
  5. Did Jesus really descend into hell? And did Peter just say Baptism saves us?
  6. It's all eschatology in this episode as Daniel and Erick wrap up Matthew 24.
  7. Daniel and Erick don't talk much about the tribulation and the end of all things but today is the day!
  8. You know what used to be easy? Going places. It’s true. When I was younger if somebody called me up on the spot and asked me to come over, I literally could say, “Alright, I’ll be right over,” and it was accurate.