The Gospel According to Revelation with Erick Sorensen

Many of us stay away from spending too much time in the book of Revelation out of fear or intimidation.

Many of us stay away from spending too much time in the book of Revelation out of fear or intimidation. This is exactly why today’s guest, Erick Sorensen, decided to dive into the book and differing interpretations. In today’s show, Erick not only answers Kelsi’s questions on the various approaches to Revelation and Christian eschatology, but offers a guide on how to rightly read Revelation with Christ and his kingdom at the center. Erick Sorensen is in charge of Church Partnerships in the Development Department at 1517. Prior to joining 1517, Erick served as a pastor for 16 years. He hosts the Law & Gospel Devotional on 1517’s YouTube channel, co-hosts the 30 Minutes in the New Testament and Field Guide to the Bible podcasts, and is co-author of Scandalous Stories: A Sort of Commentary on the Parables.  Timecodes: 00:00 Intro 1:20 About Erick 4:03 Theological background 7:20 The importance of experience in theology 8:55 Erick’s interest in the book of Revelation 13:05 Typical roadblocks to reading Revelation 15:00 Apocalyptic Literature 18:45 The first verse of Revelation 20:20 Two opinions on when Revelation was written 25:00 Four views on how to read Revelation 32:00 Three views on the end times 40:15 Literal or Metaphorical? 43:38 More background on Revelation 47:51 Tension between condemnation and comfort within Eschatology 52:30 The truth about the rapture 56:00 Trust not in princes 58:50 Who is the Antichrist? 1:01:43 The Good News of Revelation 1:04:50 More from Erick

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