1. This is the patient love of God. He is stubborn about the salvation of sinners. He will not be rushed even if his name is mocked, and the trustworthiness of his promises are called into question.
  2. Repentance means to turn or change your mind. It is not a turn from sin to righteousness. It is a turn from sin to the righteous Son of God who has defeated all sin.
  3. It’s almost all eschatology is this episode. Is Jesus talking about things that have happened or things that will happen?
  4. Daniel and Erick wrap up 2nd Peter. Jesus seems to be taking His time coming again. Why does God’s “soon” take so long?
  5. Did Jesus really descend into hell? And did Peter just say Baptism saves us?
  6. It's all eschatology in this episode as Daniel and Erick wrap up Matthew 24.
  7. Daniel and Erick don't talk much about the tribulation and the end of all things but today is the day!
  8. Jesus simply can’t help himself. Over and over in the Gospels we find Jesus leaving a wake of physical restoration.