1. This article is written by guest contributor, Christopher J. Richmann.
  2. The price was really paid. Your sin remains buried in Christ’s tomb.
  3. Applying the pressure of law to ensure you do not to take grace for granted squeezes the life and power out of the gospel.
  4. The church is called to preach the good news of Jesus Christ. Where is that message found? In every blade of grass, on every page of Scripture.
  5. He shows up when we are at our worst to usher us back to his side, lead us to repentance, rescue us, and reclaim us as his own.
  6. God demonstrates his great love for us in the actions of Jesus, who came down into the flesh and soaked up all our sin.
  7. In normal human relationships, when reconciliation is necessary, we place the burden on the person who did wrong, who disrupted the relationship.
  8. The Jews were living the script for a Western movie when Jesus showed up. The enemies of God were running the town
  9. Yes, Christmas brings joy, but no less danger
  10. Paul has zero patience for the gospel of God to be called into question, especially when the ones questioning it are the ones who should’ve known better.
  11. Amy Mantravadi asks if we should forgive others even if they are not repentant