1. Our righteousness, along with Father Abraham’s, is found in the dying and rising of Jesus Christ, whom God promised to Abraham and has given for us all.
  2. The Thinking Fellows are joined by Dr. Jack Kilcrease to discuss the centrality and importance of the doctrine of the Word.
  3. My one hope of not only entering a right relationship with God but also stepping into glory is the same: it’s Christ. It’s always Christ.
  4. Repentance means being cut down by the law’s declaration of judgment. It’s not an activity we do to prepare for grace, but a point of despair worked by God himself.
  5. Are people so different today? Is justification really irrelevant now? Is the preacher’s only point of contact with the life-giving Gospel a by-product of Microsoft’s word processor? I do not think so.
  6. I had been taught and believed in a God who is love, but as I walked outside that night I did not see him. I saw the stars and I felt their indifference.
  7. While 500 years is certainly something to be celebrated, to always focus on the anniversary number could run the risk of forgetting the true meaning behind the reason we remember the Reformation as an important period in the history of the Christian church.
  8. Christ is the answer to both the Who and the how of our extra nos salvation.
  9. Dr. Francisco gives the historical background of Sola Fide while Dr. Keith talks about some doctrinal implications.
  10. In 1534, Melanchthon was invited to France to defend the Lutheran position to King Francis, who seemed to favor the Reformation.
  11. A Christian is justified—saved from sin, death, and hell—by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

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