1. Jesus continues to do the same for me and for you as he did for his disciples. He still shows up for us. He still speaks his peace to us.
  2. This article is written by guest contributor, Aaron Boerst.
  3. Don’t get in the habit (or, if you already do it, get out of the habit) of saying, “I could never talk about these things the way my pastor does.”
  4. The seemingly small, the particular, the previously overlooked, magnifies in importance.
  5. The death and resurrection did indeed really happen. They are accomplished historical facts, and by them, so too is the forgiveness of our sins and justification before God.
  6. He represents our likeness, fulfills it, and so has the prerogative to reproduce his likeness in us.
  7. This article is written by guest contributor, Aaron Boerst
  8. The relationship with God through Christ and renewal in his image in Christ cannot be taken away or compromised through suffering.
  9. St. Patrick was great but only because he was a slave to Christ.
  10. Sin is a heavy thing to bear. Its jacket is shame, its medals are guilt.
  11. The opponents of Father Brown thought that debunking the fake resurrection of Father Brown would discredit the good news of Christ's resurrection. The truth, however, is the other way around.
  12. Jesus has gone ahead of you on the road, and promises to be with you still.