Philip Bartelt

Philip Bartelt is currently studying to obtain a Master of Divinity at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne. He earned his Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University, Irvine, studying theology, biblical languages, and philosophy. Philip is husband to his beautiful wife, Jaclyn, and father to their daughter, Anastasia.


Why You Should Know the Parts of Worship

Caleb is joined by two members of 1517's junior fellowship, John Hoyum and


I Believe in the Holy Spirit

Philip Bartelt and John Hoyum join Caleb to read and discuss the Third Article


Introduction to the Large Catechism

John Hoyum and Philip Bartelt join Caleb to discuss the preface to Martin


An Excerpt from What is Christianity? by Francis Pieper

A Christian is a man who desires to enter heaven not through his own goodness and works, but through the righteousness and works of Christ.

Marx, Prayer, and Humanity

In the place of God, Marx sets the material, autonomous, self-creating man.

Reforming Worship

The relationship between faith and prayer or belief and worship is mutual. Faith produces prayer and prayer expresses faith.

What is Christianity? Faith & Morality Reconsidered


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