In the Ring: Preaching Reality into Times of Crisis with Dr. Bruce Schuchard

A crisis isn’t all bad. Crisis encourages us to recognize who we are and what is real. Ringside meets the Craft of Preaching with Dr. Bruce Schuchard exploring the crazy history of this sinful world and a preacher’s response to it. The Cross of Christ speaks volumes above anything that is offered as an empty solution. Come Lord Jesus!


  1. Are the New Testament writings foreign to times of crisis?
  2. The “woe is me” complex when met with persecution
  3. What does a preacher teach and preach to comfort people through hard times?
  4. Prosperity may be a curse & we love a good funeral sermon
  5. An assessment from today’s pastors: what do the faithful need to hear now?
  6. Christ was a sensible dude, risk is OK
  7. Training pastors to focus what is really real


Dr. Bruce Schuchard

Professor at Concordia Seminary St. Louis

Thank you: proud member of the The Craft of Preaching and Ringside Preachers and The Jagged Word


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