1. A crisis isn’t all bad. Crisis encourages us to recognize who we are and what is real. Ringside meets the Craft of Preaching with Dr. Bruce Schuchard exploring the crazy history of this sinful world and a preacher’s response to it. The Cross of Christ speaks volumes above anything that is offered as an empty solution. Come Lord Jesus!
  2. Everything normal for the Church of Christ is abnormal for those who reject Jesus as Savior. We worship a God who creates new life... and who gives His blessing, declaring, "I am pleased with you."
  3. Nuance, listening, patience, dialogue. These things seem missing as we analyze our problems in America! We get to speak with a former police officer and current pastor, Tim Barkett, to hear his take from the perspective of those who serve. Great interview.
  4. The image of the cross stands as central to Luther’s comfort for those who endure persecution.
  5. This letter is not without controversy—not because of its content but due to questions concerning its authorship and canonicity.
  6. You are in a fight, but the victory is guaranteed because it is in the hands of the risen Chief Shepherd.
  7. The focus of 1 Peter on baptism is one that has puzzled many people.
  8. While most of his letters were written as semi-private counsel and consolation, some, like the “Letter to the Christians of Miltenburg” were written openly for public consumption.
  9. When bishops err we must not follow...We must obey God before man.
  10. He was a beggar on the streets. And, he was as good as dead if he didn't receive a blessing. The words, "you're cursed" haunted his mind.

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