1. Elsewhere makes promises that can’t be kept, but God’s promises are secure, reliable, and certain.
  2. Simple Man. In this episode, we read G.K. Chesterton and discuss everything from simple living to the death and resurrection of Christ as the foundation of reality, the higher meaning of cups, and why a tomato is just a tomato.
  3. In today's episode of Tough Tects, Scott Keith and Daniel Emery Price delve into Ecclesiastes 2:17-26.
  4. I can guarantee you that when Paul was overtaken by the Spirit and inspired to write these words, he did not have in mind your local school's boys' basketball tournament.
  5. We can appreciate what we have received from God, we can receive it all as free gift, but only when we stop investing in fool's gold.
  6. God leads us to the refuge that’s more secure and safe than any man-made thing, more than anything we own, more than anything that owns us.
  7. Though envy whispers to us that peace can only be found by “keeping up,” Jesus whispers to us a better word: “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.”
  8. In a year where things are unclear, tensions are heartbreaking, and uncertainty is rampant, what can we be thankful for?
  9. Trusting Jesus, worshipping our Christ, and praising him, we have the blessing of God so that we can give thanks with a grateful heart for everything he gives to us today and always.
  10. A crisis isn’t all bad. Crisis encourages us to recognize who we are and what is real. Ringside meets the Craft of Preaching with Dr. Bruce Schuchard exploring the crazy history of this sinful world and a preacher’s response to it. The Cross of Christ speaks volumes above anything that is offered as an empty solution. Come Lord Jesus!
  11. Solomon did not write Ecclesiastes to bum you out. He wrote it to set you free.
  12. Who are we if neither vice nor virtue will make us whole?

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