In the Ring: Preaching in Chaos with Dr. Peter Nafzger

What is essential and non-essential in an age of crisis? Ringside meets the Craft of Preaching with Dr. Peter Nafzger in a discussion about preaching to specific people in a specific location. Half of the Seminary may be from Nebraska, but what does your hyper-local world need to hear? Maybe the preacher’s task is to start a crisis.


  1. Forming a pastor during a pandemic: what is normal?
  2. Essential and helpful tools to support the community of the church, and not distract from it.
  3. Physical gatherings versus online gatherings
  4. Give them chaos or give them a break: preparing the direction of a sermon
  5. The ultimate goal of the task of a preacher


Dr. Peter Nafzger

Professor at Concordia Seminary St. Louis

Craft of Preaching contributor

Thank you: proud member of the The Craft of Preaching and Ringside Preachers and The Jagged Word


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