1. There is no AA for legalists. At least not officially. But there ought to be, and it should be called your local church.
  2. The more I got to know Dr. Rosenbladt, the more I saw that he wasn’t a man divided.
  3. God gives his church a story that helps to make sense of this life.
  4. It would serve us well to embrace the beauty of our diversity within the unity of the body of Christ.
  5. What does professional wrestling and preaching have in common?
  6. What (if anything) makes a sermon distinctive?
  7. When you see the year ending, thank the Lord, because he had led you into this cycle of years.
  8. As much as we want the glory, riches, and knowledge of Dantes, what we need is Jean Valjean's candlesticks.
  9. We must also address the stigma surrounding addiction within so many churches.
  10. What if Jesus had said on the cross, “Earn it”?
  11. It is of the utmost importance that pastors teach their congregation that through faith in Jesus Christ, they are fortified against the machinations of the adversary.
  12. I’ve experienced firsthand the promise that God never leaves a congregation empty-handed.