1. The Jews were living the script for a Western movie when Jesus showed up. The enemies of God were running the town
  2. Yes, Christmas brings joy, but no less danger
  3. Paul has zero patience for the gospel of God to be called into question, especially when the ones questioning it are the ones who should’ve known better.
  4. There is no justification by the works of the law
  5. Any message other than "Christ for you" is not good news.
  6. Matthew 22 sees Jesus address Jewish legal debates. In the process, he makes disticntions between the Law and Gospel.
  7. How the ancient view of "guts" is a lively metaphor of promise
  8. Every Christian should understand what it means to have a Great High Priest
  9. Jesus is always interceding for us
  10. Christ reshapes what forgivness means and why it's important
  11. When I finished this book, I loved the Bible, and the Bible’s author, even more. And I can’t imagine a better endorsement than that.
  12. God resolves his wrath through the unexpected giving of his Son.