1. Christ our Word, as with a two-edged sword, burst the devil's belly.
  2. As the writer to the Hebrews affirms, what makes the Christian gospel so much better is that we are no longer dealing with “types and shadows."
  3. Who would ever want all these screamers and haters? It turns out that Christ does.
  4. God is not calling us to “grow up.” He is calling us to dependence.
  5. For with God we look not for the order of nature, but rest our faith in the power of him who works.
  6. It all starts with God; and it all ends with God. He is the alpha and omega of giving and generosity.
  7. Who is God really? He is offensive, anarchic by the world’s standards, and far too gracious to people who don’t deserve his time or attention.
  8. Our God is a living God and he listens to our cries for help.
  9. From the beginning to the end of his letter, John really wants one thing: for us to be in Jesus.
  10. We don’t start with behavior and work toward Christ. We start with Christ and everything works out from there.
  11. Through water, blood, and word, the Spirit never stops pointing us to Christ, and even more, giving us Christ.
  12. Even though All Saints is a day for remembering the dead, it is not a day of mourning.